Is Citreon’s black box car the future for young drivers?

Would you buy a car with a black box fitted as standard? Citreon will certainly be hoping so, as they’ve become the first car manufacturer to fit an insurance black box, designed to save money for young drivers, to one of their new cars as standard.

As Young Drivers in Blackpool would you be interested in buying one of these cars afteryou have passed your Driving Test?
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Designed by you, for you

The Citreon C1 Connexion special edition has been unique since its conception. More than 24,000 people were part of the design process, as a Facebook page dedicated to the creation of the car asked users for their opinions. From the colour scheme to the number of doors, the car was made by the customers for the customers.

The deal

Appealing to the young driver market, Citreon – with the C1 Connexion special edition – are offering free insurance for one year to eligible 19-75 year old drivers. The car must be funded through Citreon’s Elect 4 finance scheme, and the black box is, of course, part of the deal.

This means that the C1 Connexion special edition can be run from only £109 a month, provided that the driver has two years no claims discount.

The integrated Smartnav system, from Trafficmaster, monitors your driving habits. Drivers, therefore, who don’t yet have two years no claims, can also save money on their insurance. Good, safe drivers will be rewarded, whilst dangerous drivers could be unpleasantly surprised when it comes to renewal.

It’s well documented that black box – also known as telematics insurance – can help young drivers to save money, but up until now it has been an option rather than a requirement. Whether Citreon fitting black boxes as standard is a one-off or is the future of motoring remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to be a good option for young drivers struggling with ever-increasing insurance premiums.

The Citreon C1 Connexion special edition starts at £6,995 and is available to buy now.

An alternative option to black box technology

If you want to save money on car insurance, but don’t like the thought of being monitored, you may be able to find another option. The Driving Attitude Test, for example, is a quick, online test which the creators claim ‘can provide you with a significant saving’ on your car insurance.

What does it involve?

The 5 minute test asks questions in order to gauge your attitude to driving and to your fellow road users. Provided your answers demonstrate you to be a safe road user, you should see your premium go down in price.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you can take the test yourself at to find out if you could save money on your car insurance.

What do you think?

Would you be willing to be monitored in order to save money on your car insurance, or would you rather take the online test?

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