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Donna SumnerHello my Name is Donna Sumner, I run Blackpool Driving School.  I would be happy to answer any question you have about learning to drive.

Welcome to  Blackpool Driving School Blog.

Here at BDS – Blackpool Driving School we celebrate the successes of our students who have achieved their goal of obtaining a full driving licence

to ensure freedom and independence. Customer Success is our mission and we are delighted to have 100’s of Customer Reviews on our main website

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Step 1. Be Consistent with Your Driving Lessons

Learning to drive should be fun and hassle free and  your driving lessons should be structured in a way to ensure full value for money and timely success . Everyone wants to pass their driving test at the first attempt and I am sure you are no exception, so we have put together 8 simple steps to ensure your first time success.  Unlike other driving schools we can prove our 1st time rate, we urge yo to do your homework and see if any other driving school can match our success.

BDS suggest that you try to take regular driving lessons on a weekly  basis. Those students that take regular driving lessons learn SO much faster than those that are irregular. If possible commit to two hour driving lessons, You will learn far more and far faster.

 Step 2. Be Prepared for Your Driving Lessons

Be Prepared for your Driving Lesson  It’s Your Driving Lesson!  Make The Most Of It. Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money. Avoid booking a lesson after a major night out in town. Actually being conscious, is defiantly a MAJOR plus.

BDS offer FREE Weekly Revision Guides, we find that those that take the time to read them between lessons can reduce the number of hours they need to reach test standard.

 Step 3. Your Driving Lesson should always begin with a Recap of your Previous Driving Lesson

Recap your Previous Driving LessonPlease don’t underestimate this very important point. Your driving instructor should be checking your understanding of your last lesson this is the time to make sure you feel happy with the last subject covered before you move onto something new.

Your practical driving practice will be far less effective if you do not fully understand the theory of the subject and mistakes can be made through lack of knowledge.

Step 4. The Lessons Objective

Possibly, the most important element to your progress.Goal of Driving

Without a firm objective, your learning period will be greatly increased. It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definite objective.

You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards your goal.

Step 5. Your driving lessons should be structured and you should be encouraged to develop your skills

Your Lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress.

Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding.

This is a very important procedure as responsibility is gradually transferred to you.

Step 6. Summary of your Driving Lesson

Summary of your Driving Lesson

what you discuss at the end of your lesson, will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding.

Step 7. Self Evaluate, Be Confident and be Ready

self evaluation of your driving lessonBe honest with yourself! Are you still making mistakes during your lessons? Many students fail their driving tests because they are not driving consistently before they go to test.

Arriving for your practical driving test knowing that you are lacking in confidence due to inconsistent driving will just add to the anxiety and many will blame nerves “on the day” but in reality it’s generally down to lack of consistency in the build up to test day.

Step 8. Listen to the Advice of Your Driving Instructor

Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice – So it would be wise to listen to it.


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Donna would be happy to answer any questions you may have

Donna Would be happy to answer any questions you may have

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