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Are your Driving Lessons Structured?

If the answer is NO, then you are quite simply wasting your money.

Structured driving lessons should always begin with a RECAP of what you learnt on the last lesson, otherwise your driving instructor will only be guessing as to what you understood and what you can actually remember.

Next should be the OBJECTIVE of the current lesson.You should always have a firm objective as to what you are trying to achieve during the lesson.(Aimless “driving around” in not an objective)

If you are struggling with a particular topic, your driving instructor should be asking you questions to find out exactly what you know about the given subject and assisting with any gaps in your knowledge and understanding.

Once your theory knowledge of the subject has been established, then it is time to practice on the move until competence has been achieved.Your driving instructor should be assisting you during this phase, either my telling you exactly how to perform the topic or by prompting you with good targeted questions to ascertain what you will do before you make further mistakes.

Structured Driving Lessons

Regular stops should be made to assess your progress and to help with any problems.During this time the transfer of responsibility should be passing from your driving instructor over to you by gradually decreasing the relevant questions and encouraging independence .

Structured driving lessons=value for money.

This is not rocket science and the transfer of responsibility should be taking place during the lesson.How long this will take , will depend on the skill of your driving instructor and your own learning capabilities.

At the end of the lesson a SUMMARY is vital to assess your understanding and performance. Your performance can then be measured against the lesson objective to see what was actually achieved.As learning is an ongoing process further practice may be necessary on subsequent lessons ,but you should ALWAYS know whether you met your objective and if not WHY NOT.

This process of a structured driving lesson should apply to all parts of the learning to drive syllabus.

Structured Driving Lessons

If this is not happening on your driving lessons and you find yourself simply “driving around” with no idea of what you are trying to achieve, you are quite simply wasting your hard earned money and your progress will be much slower and extremely frustrating.

Unfortunately many driving instructors have not kept up with modern teaching methods and do not deliver structured driving lessons and because of this your progress will most likely be extended and so will the cost of gaining your full licence.

This is where we are “Refreshingly Different” to the vast majority of our competitors and those transferring from other driving schools or instructors always comment on the highly effective methods that we use.

“I found my Driving Instructorts teaching methods very good they were very clear and helpful. I chose BDS because of their good pass rates on their website. I would recommend BDS as they were very friendly and helpful,  My instructor made me feel comfortable and confident driving” . Christopher Arnold, Bispham

Driving Lessons in Blackpool

If you wish to book an assessment lesson with us and “see the difference” our techniques could make to you, please visit the website for details.

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