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Is your Driving Instructor fully qualified?

In this week’s edition of the school blog,I would like to focus on the issue
of qualified and trainee Driving Instructors.

It’s a little known fact, that there are over 5,000 trainee instructors
operating here in the U.K.

The way to distinguish between the two is the colour of the badge which must be displayed in the window.

A fully qualified Driving Instructor will have a green badge and trainees will have a pink one.

Some trainees will actually give a really good service, but you will nearly always pay the same lesson fees as you would for a fully qualified instructor.

Just a word of caution though , only around 25% of all trainee instructors will go on to qualify ,so you have to beware of the tuition that you will actually receive.

Nearly all the major driving schools in our local area make use of trainees.

Here at Blackpool Driving School  we are very proud of our customer service and the quality of tuition offered to our customers and we can assure you that we have a policy of using only fully qualified Driving Instructors.

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