Pass Plus

Pass Plus – What is it?

Pass Plus is a driving qualification that can be taken in addition to the standard DVLA licence. This course covers more advanced driving techniques that are not necessarily taught in the basic driving test that everyone is required to pass.

Pass Plus courses are normally offered by all driving instructors that are appropriately qualified. .

The course will teach you how to drive in a variety of different conditions, ranging from driving on the motorway to driving at night or in trying weather conditions. This experience will make you more experienced on the road and will therefore make you less of a high risk driver. As insurance companies base their quotes on the amount of risk they see you as having, taking this qualification can lower your insurance premiums.

How Pass Plus training works

Pass Plus training takes at least 6 hours. It has 6 modules, covering driving:

  • in town
  • in all weathers
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

All modules should be practical sessions, although local conditions may mean some are theory based. You’ll normally spend at least 5.5 hours driving.

You will not take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all modules.

Lower Your Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies offer a discount for those who have taken the Pass Plus qualification.

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